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Freedom. Fun.
Energy. Style. Comfort.


These are the values that define BSA – one of the most familiar and loved brands. Offering consumers an extensive range of bicycles and mobility products, BSA has something for everyone – kids, teens and adults.

The BSA Bikes

BSA Champ


BSA Champ is every child’s dream-ride  and a friend of joyful times. BSA Champ takes children on an exciting journey with cycles that inspire their imagination. A cycle spurs the child’s motor development and fitness . It increases their confidence and independence, and establishes their social skills as they explore your surroundings with their friends. BSA consciously provides futuristic designs, stylish features, vibrant colours and innovative add-ons. Let your child hop on to the Champ and become the “Super Kid” you’ve always wanted him or her to be.

BSA Ladybird


Our super-stylish and extremely comfortable bicycles are not just partners in her self-determined quest for independence; we are equally her statement of her personal style. Available in an enthralling array of pleasant colors and designs, our bicycles are every fashionable girl’s dream bicycle. BSA Ladybird believes in providing the best possible riding experience ever to the young girls and hence, the bicycles come loaded with super-comfortable features such as; cushioned saddles, soft handgrips, step-though frames, easy-glide hubs and many more.

BSA Roadsters


Rugged and reliable, our range of roadsters are truly a cut above the rest when it comes to strength and durability. Our bicycles, designed to carry loads as well as travel for long distance without stopping, are a popular choice for our customers who look at bicycles as an associate in their work. When it comes to trust and performance, nothing can beat our tough bicycles.

BSA Jr. Roadsters


Expressing style, strength, and reliability, our range of Jr. Roadster bicycles empowers its riders to pursue their dreams relentless. Super stylish and yet functional, practical and dependable, our bicycles are true partners in growth for teens in large parts of our nation. Be it for long commutes or looking better than the rest, our bicycles never let the teenager down.